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LABOR is a private research laboratory, part of the INNOVA group, aimed to develop new technologies and provide advanced research services to high-tech companies involved in a technological innovation process.

LABOR is a research partner able to dialog with private companies with the same flexibility, efficiency and determination, sharing the innovation processes typical of the industrial environment.

LABOR is leader in Italy for coordination and provision of research services in European funded projects specific for Small Medium Enterprises, named CRAFT or Cooperative Research. In the 6th Framework Programme we coordinated and carried our research services in 14 projects for about 70 SMEs.

The qualified staff made of researchers, technicians and projects managers, and the relations established with Universities and Centre of Eccelence at European level, allow us to provide complete technological innovation services, for the technology transfer and customisation of basic research to the industrial requirements.

The main technological competences are in the following fields:
Hydrogen Technologies
Energy efficiency and renewable energies
Electronics and industrial automation
Materials and processes for energy and environment
The integration of the different internal competences allows us to carry out highly interdisciplinary projects.
Labor follows quality procedures certified ISO 9001: 2000 for the sector 73.10 G Research and experimental development in science and engineering.

The quality procedures applied allow us to pursue the following strategic objectives:
Identify the needs and expectations of the Client and pursue their satisfaction.
Improve the quality of the services through a third and independent evaluation procedure and international standards.
Apply a self control system of the Quality Management System which allows to measure the activities, neutralise problems and provide to the Management tools for examination.
Activate tools for continuous improvement and prevention of non-conformities.
To improve the quality of services, LABOR follows a continuous increase of competences of internal staff through:
Annual training programmes.
Participation to international events.
Stages and staff exchange with research and academic organisations.
External review of research activities from academic consultants.
In the headquarters located in Tecnopolo Tiburtino of Rome, the following facilities are available:
Electronics and automation laboratory.
Materials and processes laboratory.
Hydrogen technologies laboratory.
Renewable energies laboratory.
Mechanical workshop.