Labor is mostly investing in the development of highly innovative technologies potentially contributing to the global energy challenges. For this purpose, we are putting great effort in the study and experimentation of biofuels produced by different industrial wastes which prove at the same time economically advantageous and allowing for very low CO2 emissions.

An example is clearly furnished by the waste waters.

In the sector of material and process for energy and environment, LABOR’s research specializes in process development and control for wastewater treatment, biofermentation and reforming for biofuel, mostly bioethanol and biohydrogen which showed very encouraging results, production of nanoparticles for hydrogen production and storage.

The greatest challenge in this field, which is now committing the most advanced research centres globally, is actually represented by the possibility to enhance the industrial scale-up of these processes, making biofuels and economically valid alternative and their production easier to be accomplished.

This global action would have a huge impact on the renewable energies sector, and operate as a revolution allowing hydrogen to be the biofuel of our future.