Automation and control, namely the operation by which the human intervention in machines and processes management gets reduced or eliminated in favour of the use of control systems, represents a discipline, above all the existing engineering ones, which is mostly based on the fusion of multidisciplinary competencies.

Labor is mostly investing in the development of highly innovative technologies potentially contributing to the global energy challenges. For this purpose we are putting great effort in the study and experimentation of biofuels produced by different industrial wastes which prove at the same time economically advantageous and allowing for very low CO2 emissions.

The concept of our solution is always focused on a “user-centric” vision where final user is in the centre of the design and development  process. Thanks to this approach we developed systems giving particular attention to ergonomics, usability, robustness and accuracy.

Our design and development team works on embedded systems based on a wide range of microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP and FPGA.

LABOR has a long term experience in the design of specific energetic systems aiming at providing efficient exploitation of natural resources, like for instance cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

We design and implement new industrial plants and processes, our first goal is to find solutions with the least possible environmental impact.