mechanical lab

LABOR’s team of engineers takes advantage of the CAD 3D designing tools (Solid Edge) and of the integrated software simulation (FEMAP, LabView); the mechanical officine is provided with instrumentation allowing for the mechanical components’ realization and for prototypes’ assembling operations.

Our specific competencies

Draft mechanical design and detail of complex systems comprising:

  • Optics and inductive position sensors
  • Capacitive and ultrasound position sensors
  • Different industrial security switches
  • Industrial systems for hydraulic lifting
  • Watertight components for in-water or corrosive ambient functioning
  • Machines with laser use
  • 2 and 3-axis movement systems, linear motors
  • Pneumatic devices (cylinders and actuators)
  • Fuel cells systems
  • Systems for hydrogen storage at low pressure, on metallic hydrides
  • CAD 3D design of systems (SolidEdge ST)

Mechanical Officine Manufacturing for:

  • Mechanical parts with utensil machines (lathe, milling cutter,etc.)
  • Steel soldering with MMA/MIG/MAG/TIG systems
  • Prototypes assembling