Electronic Lab

The industrial electronic lab is characterised by complementary competencies, focused on mechanics and electronics integrated design, experimental design and neural network advanced control.

Our competencies

Electronic design and development

  • Complex multilayer boards based on DSP, ARM and PIC processors.
  • High frequency (<200MHz) analog-digital sampling boards.
  • Control boards for industrial automation.
  • Boards for analog signal conditioning.
  • Low range radio devices.
  • DC/DC power supply systems


  • Electric cabinet wiring and small electric plants


  • Assembler for PIC 16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx families ARM7, dsPIC, TI DSP
  • Picbasic for PIC 16Fxxx family and BasicX,
  • C/C++ for PIC 16Fxxx and PIC18Fxxxx families, PIC24, dsPIC, ARM7, TI DSP


  • C/C++/C++0x/BOOST/STL for Win32/64 – Linux 32/64 platforms.
  • GCC compatibles (CygWing/MingGW/etc).
  • MPI (Message passing on parallel architecture eg. IBM PowerPC G5).
  • Assembler x86/Z80.
  • Java/JMS/JavaBean/CORBA/DCOM (applications/interface/web applications/distributed web services).
  • LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP)/XML/XHTML/DHTML/Ruby on Rails/Javascript/Applet/Ajax/DOM.
  • PL-SQL/Oracle/SQLServer/MySQL/SQLite.
  • Scripting languages (Python/Perl/shell script/gplot/matlab/mathcad/etc).
  • WxWidgets/Gnome/KDE/Swing (MVC graphical interface).
  • OpenGL.

Mathematics Modelling Software:

  • Labview
  • Matlab